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Maven Project

The Maven Project

Affectionately called "MP", The Maven Project is a one month program designed to set people on the right path towards improving overall health. What sets it apart from generic exercise or weight-loss programs is that it aims to dig deeper and release the "anchors" that hinder progress.

The Project is based on Maven's core principles that true long-term health cannot be achieved without breaking the surface and digging deeper towards examining how bad habits are formed. Developing intentionality and structure is a key goal of MP which is learned through keeping daily logs of food intake, exercise, and mental reflections.

Clients also gain a sense of accountability which spurs growth and keeps them focused alongside their peers. This program has truly allowed our members to become conscious of what is necessary and what is holding them back. 

Tier 2 (T-2) is the base and most common level. T-2 is 4 weeks long and costs $400. This price includes 1 month of our gym membership, 1 month supply of MavenShake, and guidance from a Maven coach.

Tier 3 (T-3) is for those who have completed T-2 and want to take their fitness to the next level. It is required that you complete T-2 and have been working out consistently afterwards. T-3 lasts for 6 weeks

Tier 4 (T-4) is available through application ONLY. Completion of T-2 and T-3 are required. The aim of T-4 is to reach ones fitness potential. This tier lasts for 4weeks Monday-Friday. The weekdays will be very intense, so the weekends are off.