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Team Maven


Taylor Lee (PT, DPT)

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Founder, Maven Center

Taylor Lee is a board licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy with over 16 years of clinical practice in sports medicine and orthopedic rehabilitation. He also holds a BS in Exercise Science and Sport Studies from Rutgers University and has helped countless people with weight loss, sports performance, and lifestyle transformation. Dr. Taylor Lee is the founder and visionary of the Maven Center, an 8000 sq.ft. state-of-the-art sports medicine and functional training facility in Paramus, NJ. The Maven Center is where his long-standing vision of high-end sports rehab seamlessly integrates with fitness and performance under one roof. Understanding human motivation/behavior and habit formation/modification is integral to Dr. Taylor Lee's model of helping his clients, patients, and athletes.  

Dr. Taylor Lee was certified by the Police Training Commission and served as a PT Instructor for the Passaic County Police Academy for four years. He instructed hundreds of law enforcement cadets as well as drill instructors in physical training with a progressive mindset and science-based training methods. He deeply embodies grit, consistency, and discipline in his own pursuit of pushing limits of personal fitness. 

Dr. Taylor Lee is creator of the Maven Shake, a nutritional supplement meticulously formulated for the quality & health seeking population looking to reach their full physical potential.  The Maven Project (30 day lifestyle transformation program) has deeply impacted the health of hundreds by putting to practice a highly-effective fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle accountability system which is uniquely Maven. Dr. Taylor Lee sits on the board of directors for numerous local as well as international organizations and charities in addition to his deep involvement in local community events and initiatives. He is a highly regarded educator and public speaker who uniquely instructs and motivates his audiences.

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Dr. Taylor Lee is fluent in Korean.  His hobbies include pushing the limits of personal fitness, watching movies with family, taking in the arts, listening to classical music and reading.

Ryan Carpenter (PT, DPT, CSCS)

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist 

Ryan holds a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Rutgers University and a BS in Behavioral Neuroscience from Rider University.  Dr. Ryan Carpenter graduated from high school in the state of Arizona where he was a former two-time state tennis champion. A former four-year Division I athlete, Ryan also earned the distinction of Team Captain for the Rider University Men’s Tennis Team for two years. Dr. Ryan Carpenter also has a deep appreciation for fitness and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Ryan is currently the Head Women’s Tennis coach at Caldwell University.

Born in Florida, Ryan spent his formative years in Chihuahua, Mexico and is fluent in Spanish. His hobbies include participating in the daily Maven workouts, golfing with friends, snowboarding, and playing tennis.  


Fitness Coaches


Staff Members


Lynn Luong

Physical Therapy Aides

Nicholas Pacheco

June Son

Front Desk/Reception

Caroline Lequia

Genesis Campoverde

DPT Students (2018-present)

Many students have come through Maven’s doors over the last 15 years. Below, are the most recent:

Stephanie Hemsel (NYU) May-July 2018

Michael Morton (Dominican College) May-July 2019

Troy Sacks (NYU) June-August 2019

Lauren Chang (Rutgers) August-September 2019

Interns (2018-present)

Elton King (2018)

Gary Wilhelm (2018)

David Choi (2018)

Simon Young (2018)

Yegik Kim (2019)

Nicholas Pacheco (2019)

Ana Retamar (2019)

Justin Wang (2019)

Venissse Abanilla (2019)

Kazuhiro Tomioka (2019)