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Quit Less...Fail More

There's nothing resolute about new year’s resolutions.. even yours! 


I want to start with this: our thinking behind the pursuit of our personal health and fitness potential is skewed. Getting a clear mindset when it comes to health and fitness (i.e.—our own!) is elusive and usually a recipe for quitting.


Taken a step further, by definition, there is a huge difference between quitting and failing. As I often say, “quit less. . .fail more.” Quitting is when you stop. Failing is when you can no longer continue, due to facing a brick wall which does not seem to have a way up, left, right, or down for you to work your way through.


This kind of failure is, however, all relative and seeming temporary. Pain is relative. Desperation is relative. When freedom and life are threatened and desperation sets in, some will go to those deep crevices and corners of their will to chip away at those impossibilities and create, instead, possibilities. This goes by many names: Grit. Determination. Will. Resolve.


What does it take to fail more... and quit less?


1. Stop looking to always feel good about your decisions, your actions, the consequences of every action, and the ultimate collective outcome of those decisions.  Contrary to what you may have read in the latest self-help book, life is not always about feeling good. This a lie, aimed at nothing more than selling more books and temporary emotional highs which ultimately move you nowhere.


Although it sounds counterintuitive, you should actually look forward to failures, because it means you didn’t quit. You didn’t just stop. Failing—when you push through, even unsuccessfully—is what teaches us. It’s what grows us. It’s what refines and progresses us. Quit less. Fail more.


2. Set realistic and attainable goals.  Yes, it's important to dream and to think positively.  However, setting shorter-term realistic, and relevant goals is essential to your success long term. Setting “forever” goals (example: I'll exercise forever or I'll eat clean forever) is one of the most rampant mistakes broadly made by Americans today. More often than not these types of unattainable goals will lead to quitting.  Quit less... fail more.    


3. Don't go into pursuing your goals blindly, without accountability and much needed guidance.  We ALL need accountability.  And those who feel they don’t probably need it most.  Put aside your ego and the insecurity-driven belief that you are a strong lone ranger in a world of weak needy humans. When it comes to health (true health—not an addiction to exercising, running, or the latest diet craze--I'm talking about true health), we all need help.  Period.  There may come moments or periods of time when we may be independent.  However, humans are social beings who needs others. Whether you want to believe it or not, you and I need people in our lives to not quit.  Quit less…fail more.    


4. There is no easy button when it comes to health and fitness.  All of life takes hard work and hard work over time—sometimes a very long time. That's just the reality of how change and progress takes place in life.  99.9% of anyone who has seen success in anything has poured an enormous amount of time, energy, and WORK to get there. Their perceived "easy life" is as a result of the work and sacrifice put in over time.  


Ask the people around you whom you categorize as a success in life or career.  You may be shocked by the fact that almost all of them have been through hell and back repeatedly.  The ultimate outcome and score is not what they seek.  Quitting wasn’t an option for them—at least not one they were willing to exercise.  Quit less..  Fail more.  


5. Don't wait for opportunities. There is no right time. Taking care of your health is what we're supposed to do. No one or nothing else is responsible for you, especially your health.  The blame game must stop in order for us to have a chance.  Your perspective on how you see you and the factors of life which play on you serve as the lens through which you see life.  This is everything.  Without a clean lens or an accurate prescription, what you may be viewing/experiencing may be skewed.


We must all work relentlessly to clean our "lens" periodically to ensure accurate thought, simply because accurate thinking produces accurate actions, or conversely, inactions. This requires a ton of accountability from oneself, self-driven change, and continuous pursuit of opportunities to improve.  

Quit less.. Fail more.


Be resolute this year to enjoy your struggle more, and embrace failures in ways you never have. Consider failure a triumph, and push through until it becomes the victory you were driving for in the first place. But whatever you do, don’t quit.