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Four Things to Look For in Effective Rehab

In evaluating your physical therapy needs, it’s crucial to seek out treatment and professionals that meet your specific rehab needs, even if they don’t necessarily line up with your wants.

Whoa. That sounds a little backwards, doesn’t it? Isn’t what you want in your PT just as important? Let’s explore this idea further.

First—your wants are significant, and should be considered.

Your very first meeting with a physical therapist is typically an evaluation of your rehab needs. There may be some discussion of what you would like to get out of rehab, and maybe what you don’t want, and this is important to painting a full picture of what is needed. Evaluation is not only about tests and measurement – it’s about finding a physical therapist who can listen to and assess what you’re saying as well as what their eyes and hands are discovering.

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I Survived Hell on the Hill…. Barely

The race tests your will and pushes your physical and mental state to the limit. 100 times up and down a grassy slope for a total of 8.5 miles on a 35° incline.  That beast was steep!  I ran alongside Ultramarathoners, UFC fighters, fitness rock stars and some of the most physically and mentally tough humans.  Now, before I tell you about my brutal and humbling experience, let me give you some background on how I ended up on The Hill.

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Knee pain: Physical therapy over Surgery?

An article published recently in The New York Times is an excellent testimony to one of the most over-utilized and under-whelming methods of treating chronic knee pain: arthroscopic surgery. ..

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